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Dr. Oneacre and John Shillingburg are offering their blog as a resource to the community. Our hope at DFW Oral Surgeons is that our blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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Materials We Can Use for Bone Grafts
Posted on 2/20/2019 by Alyssa O'Steen
A bone graft can help restore bone lost due to disease, age or damage. It is a common procedure used in a our dental offices. While people can understand what a bone graft can do, they do not always know where the material used for a bone graft comes from. There are a few different sources that we can turn to when we need material for a bone graft. AutograftThis is the type of bone graft that most people imagine. This graft utilizes bone tissue from another part of the body. Because the graft comes from the same person that it uses it, the chances of rejection are lower. The bone tissue can come from almost any other part of the body. The downside of this type of graft is its need for two surgical sites. AllograftIn this type of graft, the bone tissue comes from another donor. It is typically taken from a cadaver. The bone tissue that comes from the cadaver gets sterilized and stored until needed. This method means there is only one surgical site, but there is also an increased chance that the graft will fail. XenograftThis type of graft uses bone tissue from an animal. The most common animal used is a cow, although it is possible with other animals. This type of graft carries some additional risks, although the tissue from the animal is sterilized and safe for use in the graft procedure in most cases. AlloplastThis type of graft uses man-made materials to replace the missing bone. The material is made in a lab and offers many benefits. It is readily available and does not carry any disease in it. It is, however, not human tissue and many people do not want that in their body. The type of graft depends on the needs of the patients and what is available. We always work to find the material that best suits the person getting the bone graft. For more information about this and other oral health issues, contact our office to talk to a dental professional....

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